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A coding boot camp is a technical program that teaches various programming skills that employers need. Students who have little experience or no experience or proficiency in program coding can learn the necessary coding skills in a short time. They will soon become capable of solving real-world problems. Gone are those traditional old days when you had to complete a four-year graduate course in computer science for learning programming skills. Today the boot camps for web development help you for the same purpose. The top boot camps for web development help you build a career in coding and web development. All of them are either US-based or online. These are as follows:

1. Ironhack: A global tech education school

  • Europe, South America, Florida, and Miami
  • A global tech education school is offering full time and part-time courses in full-stack web development.

2. Epicodus: offers boot camp courses to help students build their careers. 

epicodus programming and coding courses
  • Portland, Seattle
  • Tech school offering courses like Ruby on Rails, C#, .Net, PHP, Drupal, Java, Android.

3. Brainstation: it aims to empower individuals, businesses, and brands to succeed digitally by offering diploma programs, certification courses, and training options.

  • Chicago, Boston, Toronto, NewYork
  • Coding skills for mastering data science, design, development, and marketing.

4. Coderfoundry: this is a training program that teaches three-month courses of various skills. It helps students find jobs. For students who already know basic programming but want to master their coding skills, the Master Class of coderfoundry will teach them the skills which are required to be an expert.

  • Greensboro
  • .NET stack, HTML5, and AngularJS.

5. AppAcademy: it’s a full-time stack developer training course. This course lasts for 4 months. In this course, students use projects for creating ruby on rails and Java applications. They also learn about web development.

  • Online, San Francisco, New York
  • Ruby Rails, JavaScript, React.js, algorithms, advanced algorithms, CSS, SQL, UX, HTML, design principles, etc

6. Bloc: bloc offers three-month courses in full-stack development, front-end web development, iOS and Android development, and UX design. Students are trained to build their applications.

  • San Francisco

7. Actualize: it’s a software development program that offers a full-stack web development course to its students.

  • Online classes are conducted live.
  • it’s a software development program that offers a full-stack web development course to its students. This program includes ruby rails, javascript, SQL, and much more.

8. Digital crafts: offers full time and part-time full-stack developer bootcamp.

  • These boot camps are intensive classroom experiences, transforming beginners into full-stack software developers trained in JavaScript, React, Node.js, Python, and more.
  • Students or alumni have access to many workshops and presentations as an extra benefit.

CONCLUSION: Coding boot camps are the “fast track” to jobs that pay you well. In fact many companies recruit developers and programmers before they graduate their respective bootcamp programs. Many tech startups recruit talent. In fact a large dating company called Snapfuck which operates many online dating sites and hookup apps has a lead development team that is almost completely comprised of coding bootcamp recruits. Bootcamp programs demand less tuition fees, short class times, and a practical learning program, so these alternative tech schools are being demanded increasing access to technology education. But are coding boot camps worth it? The answer is that not all boot camps for web development are worth it. There are differences between all of them in all aspects: programming structure or fee structure or ease, etc.

Web Design

Websites To Hire Freelance Web Designers

In life, we know that there are harder ways as well as easier ways to get things done. There is no exception in finding the right freelance website designer or developer in this instance. It can be quite taxing to find as well as hire someone to create your website, especially if it is the first time you are developing a website.

So, no doubt it can be really time consuming. Chances are there that the freelancer you hire might not be as you expected especially if your expectations are high. Keep in mind that you are investing a huge amount of time as well as money in this project, so you really need to be cautious.

Online Portals For Freelancers

Do you know the best part of checking out the online freelancer portals? You will find all kinds of skilled and experienced developers as well as designers from around the world like US, UK, Australia, etc. Even you might find from developing countries like Romania, India, etc.

Website Portals To Hire Freelance Web Designers

  • Fiverr

Fiverr follows a different approach in hiring freelancers. In the traditional method, you post the job requirement and wait for the applicants to apply. After that you will go through the portfolio and experience of the candidate to find the required individual.

In Fiverr, the approach is reverse. Web designer or developer will post the kind of job they are interested in doing like creating vintage logos or designing attracting online book covers, etc. You will go through the profile of freelancers who are specialized in the kind of job you are looking out for.

So, this will make hiring for smaller projects better and efficient compared to the traditional method of searching for candidates. The best part is that you can view all the things upfront as there is no guesswork involved. They also make it very easy and straightforward to sign up as a web designer and offer your services on Fiverr.

  • UpWork

UpWork was previously called as oDesk an Elance. This is similar to the Fiverr and is one of the huge online job portals for hiring web designers, freelancers, architects, plumbers, personal assistances, and more. Basically, with UpWork you have a great chance of getting assistance for any job that you want to be delivered online.

Frankly, their system is very much easy to use. Here it takes only few minutes just to roam around the website to find out various functions. For example, you can easily find out where you can fund your account, where the active projects are, and even where you can release the payment.

  • Toptal

Among other freelancing website, Toptal has an interesting way to find some best freelance talents. You get to select and follow methods in choosing the best freelancers which was available only for large companies.

Sometimes you spend countless of dollars in hiring the best individuals for a job. Still it won’t guarantee that you will succeed. Now this is where Toptal comes into the picture. Now most of the job portals will allow any freelancers of any experience and skill set to create their profile and get job offers.

But Toptal stands out different form these online job portals. They have a screening process which is very much rigorous where they only allow the best freelancers to join them. So, you end up with the best quality individual working on your project.

  • 99designs

Want to select the best talent from the marketplace filled with experienced designers and developers? Then 99designs is the perfect choice. From this website you get to employ professional designers who have extensive experience in designing specialized logos, clothing, apps, merchandises, illustrations, art, magazines and books, etc.

Basically, anything that deals with graphic designers, web developers or designers are found in the 99designs portal. Examples of design work for all types of apps and sites can be found including adult dating sites and apps for local hookups. This is a plus as often times it is difficult to find freelancers willing to work with adult content. Now the best part of using this service is that once you post the details of your project, then you will get various designers to design up front. Then from them you can easily choose the winner.

Here, you only need to make payment after you select the graphic designer you want to use. So, it means that if you are not satisfied with the work done by the graphic designer, then you don’t need to pay any dime.

Looking For Design Advice For Your Website

Given the above list of online portals for selecting the best freelancers, you can easily have a great experience in checking out the various portfolios. But you keep in mind that you give a detail explanation about the kind of work you need so that it becomes easy for the right person to do your work.

Mobile Apps UI Design UX Design

Explaining UI Vs UX Design

When you hunt for tips and design processes to enhance website traffic, terms like UI and UX are bound to pop up. While they remain the most vital factors for website designing, there is often confusion between the two. Hence, this article will debunk any confusion and misconceptions.

The following topics will cover all that you need to know about UI & UX:

  • What is UI & UX designing?
  • Three differences in the design and functionality aspects between UI and UX design.
  • How does the working of UI and UX designing together help in developing a digital product?

What is UI & UX designing?

Before we delve into understanding the significant differences between UI & UX, let us learn about UI and UX.

  • What is UI Design?

The simple definition of UI is User-Interface design. Any designer who works towards enhancing the user interface of a website is a UI designer. 

The role of UI comes to play when you access a webpage or any application, for that matter. The pleasing aesthetic, the ease of interactivity, and the overall functionality are what UI focuses on substantially.

  • What is UX Design?

UX means User Experience design. It is more intensive and complex than UI. A UX designer caters to the overall presentation and UI design of an application or website. 

UX is more demanding in terms of its requirements for thorough research while developing easy user interface modules. It also requires complete testing and improvising before launching it for public use.

Three key differences between UI & UX design


UI Design’s primary appeal focuses on a users’ delight in navigating through an application/website. A product with UI focus allows for ease in the interactivity of its contents, even for new visitors.

Therefore, designing any product keeping UI in mind focuses more on the aesthetic appeal for the user. 

The primary goal of UX Design focuses on a user’s ease in navigating and browsing through an application/website. For example, the matutue dating app Milf Fuck App has a location searching feature dubbed,”local milfs near me” which allows users to seemlessly browse for local dates. The product of a UI design caters to consistency and fluidity, even if it is entirely new for them to explore. 

In simple terms, UI design emphasizes the aesthetic and interactivity of an interface when it comes to functionality. In contrast, UX design attention is more towards the easy working of the interface.

Action plan

UI Design

UI Design’s sole focus is on developing visual interaction and touchpoints between a product and a user.

Its design action plan involves

  • Create a consistent and fluid continuity in aesthetic, design base, and functionality across all sections and contents in an application or website.
  • Another key focus is developing a design base that works smoothly on all devices and screen sizes.

UX Design

UX design’s prime focus is on developing the ease of using a digital product or content from the start until the end.

Design action plan of UX design

  • Conduct intensive research concerning the user’s interest and wants out of the product usage.
  • Strategize the product design and developing design plans keeping the target users’ preferences in mind.
  • Launching testing drives to check the overall usage fluidity, improvise, and refine it for maximum user experience.

Basic designing tools

UI design, as it caters to the aesthetic look, requires more visual components. 

Here the designing process gets tasking. It requires font, image, graphics, and logo designing. In addition, choosing color palette combinations and adding animations are also important design aspects. 

The designing task for UX is a little less in comparison to UI designing. Their central focus is on the ease of a user’s experience and glitches in the navigation process. Nevertheless, during the designing process, they strategize how the placing of the UI design tools. To save time and enhance the efficiency of the designing process for a UX designer, wireframe tools are preferred.

How does the working of UI and UX designing together help in developing a digital product? 

With the difference cited above, you may start to wonder which of the two would be a better option for website designing. The truth is both are essential and vital components. Creating a digital product blending in both design arenas significantly alleviates its design and overall performance and functionality. 

In the designing of a digital product, competition is becoming higher by the day. Moreover, UI and UX design aspects go hand in hand for added and enhanced value. If your goal is to create a top-notch digital product with high value to its end users, incorporating UI and UX design is the first step towards that goal. 

Front End Web Development

Programming Languages to Know For Front-End Web Development

Different programming languages will help you to create and learn about web development. Choosing the correct programming language for your program is very crucial. It determines your entire website and web development. 

Front-end development means the development on the client-side. What the user sees when they open the application or Browser, the first look, is the central focus of a front-end web developer. The developer is also responsible for the feel and looks of the entire website. Each language in the front-end web has a specific function. Only with the use of front-end development, the implementation of the design of the website will work.  

Java, one of the favorite programming languages for web developers, is excellent for server-side code, but it does not work well for front-end development. Instead, the top programming language, JavaScript, is ideal for both front-end and back-end programming languages. 

The front-end web development gives the entire website a neat, clean, and flawless page loading. The developer has to be both technical and creative when designing a web page. 

Now that we know what front-end web development means, let us look at some programming language supporting front-end development. 


HTML is one of the backbones of web development. Almost every web developers need to learn HTML as it is the basis for creating a website design and development. The language gives structure to the website. Without the use of HTML, a developer cannot add images. 

The Hypertext Markup Language is used for web development by front-end developers, as it specifies the information for each item in the website. For example, the “p” indicates the paragraph. The different things that appear on the webpage connect in the structure with the help of HTML codes


The most essential and perhaps the most popular programming language for front-end website development is JavaScript. It controls the program’s functionality. The script is used both by front-end and back-end language because of its forgiving and flexible syntax.

JavaScript helps to add functionality to the website while developing the website. Learning the JavaScript programming language is valuable as almost all major platform websites use it. 


The Cascading Style sheet is another programming language added for web development. It controls the appearance of the page and HTML elements. The style sheet saves and reduces the workload of the web developer. 
Without CSS, the developer will not be able to style, personalize the website page. 


JQuery is an extension that helps JavaScript to develop and perform more accessible and faster. It is a JavaScript library. The language helps the developer to add ready-made programs to the website or projects. Many front-end web developers love it as the coding does not have to start from scratch. Countdown timers, automatically re-arranging layouts, resizing grids are some of the uses of JQuery. 

The programming language helps the users to create and program software in one line of coding. Microsoft and Zoom are some of the websites that use JQuery. 


One of the youngest front end web development languages is Elm. Most web developers who want to look for a faster website with minor errors use Elm programming language for their web development. It helps the user to create a client-side website with the use of simple and quality tools. Elm front-end web development language is easy to understand, robust and functional. 

The developments of front-end developers have significantly changed over the years. With the increasing use of the internet, the developers became more creative. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the heart of development. A front-end developer must know the three programming languages thoroughly.  

Programming Web Development

Benefits of PHP Programming Language

PHP is a programming language used in HTML for managing databases, dynamic content, tracking sessions, and even building e-commerce sites. Learning PHP is very easy, and the cost is meager. The open-source language of PHP is one of the most efficient languages and the most widely used language in the world.

As technology is upgrading enormously, the use of PHP has become an essential part of our lives. It has made the lives of humans much easier in developing websites and servers. In this developing world of technology, PHP has contributed a lot to the modern world. Millions of websites and servers have been developed by using PHP, and this program is widely used all over the world.
PHP has numerous benefits. Given below is a list of some of the benefits of the PHP programming language.

Excellent performance

PHP is one of the most efficient scripting languages in terms of performance level. Depending on the codes of the web developer, PHP can convert itself into any other scripting language very quickly and with total efficiency. It can increase the capacity of codes that you can use later for creating a vast number of applications. PHP is the primary language of a website when it undergoes multiple web pages.

Easy to learn

PHP is one of the easiest scripting languages to learn. To learn PHP, you won’t need to study very hard, unlike other languages. Moreover, it doesn’t even require a manual to learn this language. PHP is a well-organized language, and you can easily understand the commands of this language.

This is why most developers use the PHP scripting language for developing websites and applications.


PHP is very compatible with almost all types of OS. It can even perform efficiently in compact OS such as Linux and UNIX. You can easily integrate PHP with other technologies that can save you a lot of money. Thus, compatibility is one of its many benefits.

Extremely Flexible

PHP is considered to be one of the most flexible languages as the rate of flexibility is very high during an ongoing program as well as after completing the program. The flexibility of a language is significant as its functions may change anytime during and after a project.

In PHP, web developers do not need to create codes and commands repeatedly after a project. Since the same codes and commands can be modified and reused in a new project. Thanks to the flexibility of the PHP.

Low cost

Since PHP is open-sourced, it is entirely free of cost. A developer does not have to pay any extra money to get a license. Though it is very cost-efficient, the performance of PHP language is extremely efficient, and it can work perfectly with any database or OS. With very little money, you can quickly develop a website using PHP language.

Better control

PHP allows a developer to gain more control over the website as compared to other scripting languages. This advantage enables a developer to create a website using simple codes and commands quickly.

In PHP, a user does not need to worry about placing the codes in the correct order as they are written between the tags. Therefore, a developer can put the codes and commands in any order as long as they are between the tags.


As mentioned earlier, PHP is the most widespread scripting language used all over the world. So, whenever a developer needs help in any project, they can get help and support quickly.


PHP is widely known for its speed and efficiency. Since the language uses its memory, the server’s load time reduces due to lesser workload and hence results in fast processing speed. As compared to other languages, PHP takes much lesser time to create a website or a database.


The security of PHP is very efficient. So developers can quickly develop websites without worrying about security problems. The advanced security of PHP protects a developer from various kinds of threats and viruses.


Since PHP is open-sourced, it allows a developer to easily access the previous projects and use them for reference in a new project. An open-source allows transparency between developers and projects. And hence, it will enable a developer to understand and learn the language quickly.


PHP is the best scripting language you will ever find as it has an enormous number of advantages, and its disadvantages are significantly less than other scripting languages. PHP can be used and learn on any platform or OS. This feature makes PHP more efficient and helpful.

The languages are easy to understand and simple to learn. PHP functions faster than any other language due to its high rate of flexibility. Therefore, PHP is the most used language and the best scripting language you will ever find.

Mobile Apps UX Design

3 Mobile Apps With Awesome UX Design

Mobile Apps have been around for a long time now, ever since the advent of Smart-phones. The old favorites lasted for ages, until it seemed they would be everlasting. But things have begun to change, and with a rapidity that is startling both in their suddenness and their innovative approach. Gone are the old static designs, which repeated the same functionality robotically in the hands of each and every User, without any change, and with perfect repeatability. The new Apps are almost alive, and as responsive as any living organism. They keep changing responses with each individual User, adapting their own selves to modify and slightly change their own selves to try and suit the needs of the User, and deliver the most relevant content. This sum up to an utterly awesome UX (User Experience) that is unparalleled. To demonstrate this astounding versatility, presented below are 3 mobile apps with awesome UX design for the reader. 

The responsiveness of the latest Apps are termed their Mobile Personalization. This characteristic is at the heart of modern UX of Apps, and it has helped build a really awesome matching between App and User. Incidentally, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning play a significant role in most of these Apps.The 3 mobile apps with awesome UX Design selected from the millions of Apps in the Android and iOS stables are as follows (and all Three Apps are compatible to both Android and iOS Platforms):

Starbucks App: The Starbucks chain is the biggest café chain in the the World. It has recently completely redesigned the traditional coffee house model it has been successfully using (and occasionally updating) since comprehensive computerization some years back. But now they have fully replaced the old App lock stock and barrel, and introduced their totally new App, in line with the latest trends. This Personalized App is able to store data it already has on the Customer and his/her preferences. These include the time of day when the Customer enters one of Starbucks outlets (i.e. branches), the type of coffee the Customer likes to drink, companions if any, the usual spending bill, and so on. The app then creates new offers, allots special discounts, and even hands out coupons. The Starbucks Loyalty program can be tracked continuously, and personalized information on the Customer about health, such as whether Decaf is the medically advised version of coffee normally drunk, is all metered into the Customer orders. This has not only created more loyal Customers for Starbucks, but increased the number of visits per Customer to the outlets rapidly, leading to much greater spending on each visit and so on. The App is directly connected to the Global Strategy Control Center of this vast International MNC (Multi National Corporation). From hand held Mobiles, Starbucks are now moving forward, and planning to load a version of this Personalized App on Smart Wearable’s, such as Smart Watches, and Drive Through Screens.   

Drippler: The number of Users carrying Smart Phones everywhere is now in the Billion, but a meager few of the Users have any idea of the power they are carrying. This extraordinary App, once installed, is fitted to scan the device to learn about it thoroughly. It ferrets out the manufacturer, model, operating system version etc. etc. It then creates a newsfeed of articles focused on the interests of the User,  (and which articles are ignored), depending initially on choice, but gradually using  User interest to guide future selection. After the first batch of articles, the App learns about the personality and habits of the User, by tracking the interest shown, and begins to guide the User in a personalized fashion. Soon, the User will be receiving tips, recommendations, and tricks, about the User’s own smart phone. Drippler is possibly the most successful of the New Generation Apps, whose UX Design have sensationalized the world of the User. The small hand held device is now truly become a Power Tool in the User’s hands.

Nike + Run Club: The sports brand Nike is known worldwide, and it has completely redesigned its in-house App to make room for Mobile Personalization.Its fitness app has been knownand used exhaustively by athletes and health conscious people all over. But now the need for personalization has been keenly felt by Nike and their Customers. This has resulted in a complete makeover of their App. The App first monitors the physical condition of the User, using real time trials, with Smart Wearable’s where necessary. It then analyzes the data collected to output workout plans to suit, but allows the User to select the plan and the targets they want to achieve. Its almost like having a real, living fitness instructor in the User’s pocket. 

UX Design

Exploring 2020 UX Design Trends

Every year there is an increasing growth in the technology which impacts the trends of design. The designers always need to know the design trends of UX which are upcoming. In the present market, you need to do thorough learning, enhance, and extending your toolkit of design to remain up to date. Let’s discuss about various UX design trends of the year 2020.

What are the best UX design trends in 2020?

  • Microinteractions

This trend is present in most of the websites or applications. You tend to see them all the time whenever you are opening your favored application. Few of the times, they are so naturally blended into the interfaces of users that you might not find them sooner. If you eliminate them then you may feel that something is missing from your item. These are the perfect UX design trend which improve the entire experience of your digital items. Each year new device brings the choices for making this microinteractions.

  • Virtual reality

You are already familiar with virtual reality as there is so much progress seen in industry of gaming. Many updates are already happened in invention of virtual reality headsets. The companies like Microsoft and Sony are going to launch fresh generation consoles in the year 2020 during the season of holiday. This might bring you many chances and spaces for Virtual reality technology growth.

  • 3D graphic in web and mobile UI

This UX design is present at all places like in video games, advert on the streets, and in movies etc. It was already brought into existence but has been evolved and improved in a dramatical way. Web and mobile innovation is going on increasing and fresh capabilities of web browser allowed 3D graphics. This allows the designers to make and execute extraordinary 3D graphics into modern mobile and web interfaces. Integration and creation of 3D graphic needs few unique expertise and loads of work but the results are rewarding often. It enables to show the services or products in an engaging and interactive manner.

  • Animated Illustrations

This type of UX design trend is used in digital item design. The evolution of this design trend has been evolved impressively. This adds natural feeling to the entire items. These are referred as strong attention grabbers to which motion is applied so that they bring life into the product and make them stand out in the presence of other items.

The other advantage of this UX design trend is applying of motion captures attention of users and also engage them with your item. One of the efficient manners to tell the story about your item, services, or brand is through animations.

  • Neumorphism

This is the skeuomorphic design which brought the elements of design in a creative manner to match the objects of real life. This time this design came into existence with new skeuomorphism. It is a precise design style which is too detailed. The shadows, glows, and other highlights are on spot and impressive. This design already impacted many of the users all over the world.

  • Augmented reality

In the augmented reality, you might have observed lots of progress, improvement, and excitement. Many of the companies of technology are investing many millions into the development of Augmented Reality. Its growth is improving in the year 202 where tool kits are introduced to help the developers construct products that are AR based. This is one of the great trends in this year as the designers are eager to learn new principles and tools for making experiences of AR.

  • Asymmetrical layouts

In the digital product design, this UX trend became the best design trend with immense growth. This trend seems to continue in the year 2020 with best tools to use for designing. The better use of this design trend can bring dynamic, personality, and adds character to your design. There is a lot of improvement as the number of opportunities and options are creating the layouts which are asymmetrical. This needs some time and practice and has to be implemented with care.

  • Storytelling

This design trend of UX is all about sending the information to the users in the better possible creative and informative manner. It is also efficient and great tool of marketing that might enhance your items and services sales.

UX Design Web Design Web Development

What is UX Design in Web Design?

In order to understand what UX design in web design is, you must know what actual difference exists between UX Design and User Interface Design. This is mainly due to the fact that although their roles do overlap at certain places yet they remain quite different in their functionality. In fact, they play different roles that are by themselves quite intricate and detailed. Yet they maintain professional relationship under the overall design ambit. They also operate side by side and their inputs are inextricably bound for the website to function.

If you look at UX design in a detailed way then it refers to User Experience Design that absorbs the user behavior and user feelings while using the web. The whole focus in UX design would be to capture the real preferences and tastes of the user. There are several areas that users may love to experience and this too is greatly made part of the inputs of UX design.

On the other hand UI Design gives the users easy usability, lucid style and fast navigation that makes them think that they need only to tap on the buttons for getting the whole screen experience.

Overall Web Design

For overall web design you need both UX Design and UI Design and the former is seen to highly technical and requires greater analytical skills from web designers. In fact, both UX Design and UI Design are specialist jobs requiring specialists in each for the overall web system. UX Design on the other hand is more in line with graphical designs and specialists of this form may or may not be good at UX Design.

However, both designs are exclusive to each alone, but may even overlap that of the other in some areas.

UX Design also known as User Experience design has always been behind the scene kind of activity. You never know its presence unlike that of UI or User Interface Design. These technical activities that pave way for User Experience Design in overall Web Design goes on to create what users know as apps creation, website settings, software uses and other related services. Since it is technical it stands aloof although its presence is felt with every experience that the users have while connecting to the internet.

In other words, UX Experience Design includes everything that requires great design as well as user research inputs. It constructs unique information architecture and the overall interaction of design to make it compatible with greater usability. Then it offers testing and analysis of usability and content strategy in order to make it individually focused on to the user. In fact, it gives leveraged advantage without the user being fully aware. In fact, you often find intuition at play when the UX Designer goes to work.

Designing with Closer Rapport with Users

Unlike other web design areas UX Design professionals aim to make each individual as separate user and therefore offer solutions based on the idea as to the nature, tastes and preferences of the users. This also means that during UX Design the designers need to have close rapport with the user and try to talk to them so as to make the best fit solutions. In other words, you need to talk over with your users while drawing out a plan for UX Design in Web Design.

You may also notice that some designers do both UX Design and UI Design yet it important to find out whether they really know both quite well enough. Just because there is some overlapping either way do not mean that you often find professionals working easily on both. Hence, while hiring a professional designer you must find out as to expertise he had committed in the past. Yet on the basic levels he or she may be able to do both. If you do find a person apt in both then naturally you also save on costs.

UX Design at the end of the day is all about some psychology work as well as problem solving and about nature of the user and not in least about communicating well with the user.

In sharp contrast the UI Designer will look into the graphical and overall visuals of the web design. They must have good knowledge of graphic designing, photographic acumen, color combination ideas both in theory and practice and vector manipulation that may include motion graphics.

In order to be good at UX Design the designer must know about the demographic, the psychological aspect as to what really the user want and the type of functionality required. The user navigation is determined by the designers through a series of prototypes and usability testing. Even after the design is complete usability test is done to enable perfection in User Experience Design.

The UX Design is best fit for multiple user web system and for multiple products or services as the case may be. This means you need to know the size of the website as well as future plans.